May 23, 2022

How Did You Feel When You Received Your Transcript?

So we just received our transcripts and I am going to interview a few people about how they felt when they got it. When I got my transcript I felt happy and surprised honestly, I thought I was going to have so many credits to catch up on, but I only need 3. I am excited to see how others felt about theirs and see if they were surprised or not.

I got some help from a couple friends to find people to interview. Interviewing Micah Tucker (senior), he said that he felt “satisfied” because they are on track to graduate and that makes them want to work harder to make sure they do graduate. This response is very close to how I feel I felt actually motivated to get my work done once I realized my transcript isn’t all that bad.

Another response I got was a pretty good one. It came from Autumn Carron (junior), She said that she felt “embarrassed”, she saw her grades slowly get worse in her transcript, but it gave Autumn determination to better her grades. I feel as if we all got a bit determination, whether we thought the transcript report was bad or good, either way it should encourage you to keep up the good work and all the effort we’ve put in.