May 18, 2024

Should The Rapper Blueface, Face Criminal Charges? – OPINION

CALABASAS, CA - JUNE 19: <> on June 19, 2021 in Calabasas, California. (Photo by Maury Phillips/Getty Images for Wealth Garden Entertainment Juneteenth Celebration)

Blueface is an American rapper from Los Angeles, California. He’s known for many of his songs that went viral many times over. His music career is what he’s most known for, but he’s also done many other things that have caught the public eye in a not so good way. He is very public with all his relationships he’s had and is very well known to be a player.

Blueface has two of his own kids with his high school sweetheart, Jaiden. Blueface was never involved in his children’s lives and makes it known to his fandom as a regular normal thing. He loves to entertain the public with anything and everything he has on himself for clout too.

Blueface is recently in an on again off again relationship with sports athlete, Chrisean Rock. For a while they’ve been in a public relationship for about 2 years. Together they are known to be very toxic with each other and Chrisean revealed that she was pregnant with his baby 9 months ago. The media was going wild not believing this was true. Chrisean stated in a reality tv show, that she is in, that she’s gotten many abortions with her past pregnancies with Blue and has always been very open about it. When she found out she was pregnant once again she was on the mindset to abort the baby once again. Her family was and is still very against abortions and told her not to get one. But Chrisean didn’t care and told her family that she really didn’t want a baby with Blueface. After much convincing from her family she decided to not get an abortion and have his baby. She was very much aware that he was not going to be in her babies life but she was okay with that knowing how unhealthy their relationship between each other was.

Chrisean Rock’s son after being delivered

Once she had the baby the media noticed that Blue wanted to be included in the baby’s life all of a sudden, but Chrisean knew better than to let her baby around Blue. Her fandom warned her and told her to stay safe away from him with her baby and she decided to do just that. Before she got pregnant, she was in a very bad place and mindset and would drink, smoke and party almost all the time. Everyone knew she needed this change in her life and she would change herself for the better. After having the baby she has been a whole new person going to church and being more religious for her baby. Since she had her baby she’s been a different person for the better and her fans recognized that quickly.

During Chrisean’s healing journey, Blueface was not doing as best as the media hoped. Blue and Chrisean have not united together since she got pregnant and he’s been living with his first baby mama Jaiden.

It was noticed that Blue was never shown to be a father figure to his kids and instead more of a friend to them. He’s been getting many concerns and hatred on the way he is around the oldest child. Blue is frequently going on Instagram live on random occasions and often shows his kids; there is a live video of Blue going live in his home and after a while being on live, he decides to leave his phone with his 6 year old son. He sets the phone on the floor facing his son and tells him he’ll be right back. After the child is doing child things he gets closer to the camera and flashes the live his private parts with thousands of viewers watching it live.

This set off many people and made a lot of his fandom angry. This was also not the first time his son has done this in general which makes the situation worse. All while this is happening the mom of the son cared less about this situation and did nothing about it but laugh.

For some reason Blue stated that he wanted to take Chrisean’s baby away from her and have full custody of him and Chrisean went wild on her live right after that statement was made from him. She exposed every inch of Blue and his baby mama and what kind of horrible parents they are to their kids.

Not too long after that chaos had happened, Blue was on another one… AGAIN, but this time was wrong for all reasons.

According to the media, Chrisean let Blue in her baby’s life thinking it was for the better for him to see his son. She had posted pictures of Blue and her baby sleeping together and posted it as a genuine innocent father post, but later it was brought to her attention that Blue apparently completely posted and exposed his newborn on his social media Editors Note: Blueface, in a now deleted post on X, also received intense backlash from fans and users. Chrisean was furious and didn’t know what to do but cry out anger. And that was the last the world has heard from Chrisean since that happened and EVERYONE is waiting to see what’s her next move…