December 8, 2023

Top Three Worst Halloween Candies

CANDY CORN takes the win for the worst Halloween candy. In my opinion you get 2-3 good ones and they get instantly nasty. For the ones who like these its okay because there good just not for my trick-or-treat bag.

Now i’ve done research and it comes to Circus Peanuts at second worst. Now although circus peanuts are good when you get them yourself. why would you throw a circus peanut in my bag? Like how could you even put it in saran wrap and do that?

At third i have Jawbreakers, because who is really going to down a jawbreaker. Like we already got many cavities on the way and you want me to down a Jawbreaker. These are a waist of time and I know that most of us either threw it away or put it in the fridge after marinating it in our mouths for 5 minutes.