December 8, 2023

Three of the Stupidest TikTok Trends

Stupid trends have been on the internet for years, but with the recent rise of TikTok popularity, many of these trends have moved and started on TikTok. With most of these trends or challenges, you’d think that most would have enough common sense to not partake in them, but you’d be surprised. With trends like eating tripods or putting gorilla glue in your hair, here are the top three stupidest ones.

#1 Tooth Filing Challenge

Around September 2020, it became popular to alter the look of your teeth by using a nail file. Some took the filing to extreme measures while some only used it to get the appearance of straighter teeth. It might sound like a bargain; why pay money to get my teeth fixed when I can do it at home? But, in the long run, it actually does damage to your teeth.

#2 The Black-Out Challenge

The blackout challenge consists of trying to pass out by holding your breath or constricting your breathing ability. This may seem like a fun thing to try to experience what it feels like to faint or pass out, but it can actually do a lot of damage. When you cut off your oxygen access, it can lead to brain damage. Many teens have fallen victim to this challenge with the outcome resulting in death.

#3 Benadryl Challenge

Benadryl is most commonly used for allergy treatment, but not with this trend. Sometime in 2021 on TikTok, someone discovered that overdosing on Benadryl would lead to hallucinations and other side effects. Lots of TikTok users decided to rush to their cabinets so that they could search for the drug in order to try it out. But, what most didn’t know was that taking excessive amounts of diphenhydramine would lead to diphenhydramine poisoning and other health problems. Similar to the nutmeg challenge, this has led to deaths and hospitalizations.

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