April 20, 2024

Analog Horror is something new that has been blowing up on YouTube for the past year now. It is a unique style of horror that isn’t like your traditional horror movie with jump scares, ghosts, and other ghoulish creatures of the like. Analog Horror explores an old VHS style with a lot of film grain and distorted audio in most videos which already makes it stand out from most horror tropes. All stories are different in their own way, some explores themes of religion, others explore creatures that do not exist on earth, and some just amplify the horror of already existing creations from other people such as FNAF. I will now provide some examples of a few Analog Horror series that are currently ongoing.

The Mandela Catalogue – This story is set in the story of the Bible but when God was making the Earth, Satan was disguised as an Angel and had infiltrated the Garden of Eden, and when Adam ate the Apple of Eden, he turned into something that isn’t human called an Alternate. In the story, Alternates are creatures that take the appearance of humans but are incredibly dangerous because they hunt humans, attacks them via a form of psychological warfare, and terrorize them until they inevitably take their own life due to the endless suffering. Then the Alternate steals the appearance of their victim and continues this cycle all over again. It should also be known that some Alternates do not entirely take the appearance of their victim but will instead have the body of a human but have a biologically impossible characteristic such as long limbs, no face, and etc.


If you wish to watch it for yourself, here is a link to the creator’s channel on YouTube. Alex Kister – YouTube

The Backrooms – Probably among the most popular Analog Horror series’ The Backrooms is something considered a “liminal space” which means it is an eerie empty space where it seems like you are all alone, but possibly not. The Backrooms series on YouTube by Kane Pixels – YouTube turns the unnerving rooms into a more horror focused experience, with monsters roaming around and even making it so that there is more than just one room. I recommend watching the series for yourself to try and uncover the story, just try not to noclip out of reality so you don’t end up there yourself.

The first ever image of the Backrooms

Gemini Home Entertainment – Similar to the Mandela Catalogue, most of the story is told through various VHS tapes during the 80s and 90s. It tells the story of creatures called “Woodcrawlers” that have invaded earth and seek it’s destruction. Slowly over time, you will see that the planet falls to these creatures and humanity is basically powerless to stop it. There is also a cult about these creatures that create misinforming VHS tapes that lead people to the Woodcrawlers, or the other way around. I highly recommend watching this video by Nexpo YouTube which covers the entire story, fair warning though it is a lengthy video at 2 hours long.