May 24, 2024

What’s Been Happing This NFL Offseason

There’s been many trades, signing, Franchise tag, and releases this offseason. A lot things happened this passed month, and there’s still more to go.

The 1st release to happen was the Vikings releasing Eric Kendricks. The 1st signing was Derek Carr going to the Saints. The first Franchise tag was Tony Pollard for the Dallas Cowboys. Lets start with the trades, one of the very 1st trades was the Carolina Panthers trading Pick number 9/61 in the nfl draft, 2024 first-round pick, 2025 second-round pick, and wide receiver Dj Moore, for a 1st round draft pick. Another trade was Jalen Ramsey going to the Miami Dolphins for a 2023 third-round pick and tight end hunter long. There was also New England Patriots tight end Jonnu Smith going to the Falcons for a 7th-round pick. New York Giants also made a move, they trade for Las Vegas Raiders tight end Darren Waller. Dallas Cowboys got Stephon Glimore from the Colts for a 5th-round pick. Dallas Cowboys also got wide receiver Brandon Cooks from the Houston Texans for a 2024 6th round pick. The Cleveland Browns got wide receiver Elijah Moore from the New York Jets. That’s all the major trades that happened so far. Now lets talk about the signings, and there’s a lot of them.

One of the first signings was the Seattle Seahawks re-signing Geno smith. The Eagles resigned Brandon Graham. The Washington Commanders extended Daron Payne. Falcons extended Chris Lindstrom.

Denver Broncos sign Jarrett Stidham. 49ers sign Javon Hargrave. Las Vegas Raiders sign Jimmy Garoppolo. Miami Dolphins sign Mike White. Bears sign Tremaine Edmunds. Steelers sign Patrick Peterson. 49ers sign Sam Darnold. Chargers sign Eric Kendricks. Houston Texans sign Jimmie Ward. Falcons also signed Taylor Heinicke. Miami Dolphins re-sign Raheem Mostert. New York Jets sign Allen Lazard. Panthers signing Andy Dalton. Tampa Bay Buccaneers sign Baker Mayfield. New England Patriots sign Juju Smith Schuster. Bengals Sign Orlando Brown. Eagles sign Marcus Mariota. Carolina Panther sign Adam Thielen. New York Jets Sign Mecole Hardman. And finally Seattle Seahawks sign Bobby Wagner…again.

Now lets go over the Franchise tags. Las Vegas Raiders franchise tag Josh Jacobs. Ravens placed a non-exclusive franchise tag on Lamar Jackson. New York Giants franchise tag Saquon Barkley. Now finally the releases, Kansas City Chiefs release Frank Clark. Vikings released Adam Thielen. Ravens released Calais Campbell. Colts Released Matt Ryan. Dallas Cowboys release Zeke Elliott. Browns released Jadeveon Clowney.