June 15, 2024

Breakouts at Targets Over Limited Stanley Cup

The 110-year-old company, Stanley, has gained the admiration of thousands around the world after hitting its peak in 2023. The craze around the cup has boosted Stanley’s annual sales from $75 million a year to $750 million as the year came to an end. Along with those numbers came a change huge change in the cliental. From attracting blue-collared workers along with outdoorsmen with its large size and ability to keep drinks cold for hours to being used as an accessory and a collector’s item. William Stanley, founder of Stanley, invented the Quencher in 1913. The company states that “his vacuum bottle evolved from concept to icon and has become an essential part of workdays, road trips, and outdoor adventures,” However, in 2023, Stanley’s 40 oz Tumblrs would gain traction of influencers and teens thanks to the massive marketing change and the power of social media. They would gain the most popularity from influencers on social-media platform TikTok with the #StanleyCup hashtag having about 7.2 billion views worldwide.

1982 Stanley Thermos Vintage

Arizona shoppers mob Target over Valentines Stanley Tumblr

On New Year’s Eve stores across the nation opened their doors to crowds of people rushing in to try and get their hands on the 40 oz Valentine’s edition Stanley Tumblr. Some even camp outside waiting for doors to open! But what makes this cup so special? The cup’s bright hot pink color compared to their typical cloudy pastel colors and minimalistic look is what makes the cup so sacred. The response to the release was chaotic, In fact, so chaotic the stores decided to not restock. “The craze has prompted long lines outside of Target stores in the dead of night. Ugly fights have broken out. Shouting matches have erupted,” the L.A. Times reports. As of Jan. 17, The 40 oz limited edition cup retails for 49.95, however, resales are going for much higher on sites like eBay. Resales go up to nearly $300.

Does the Tumblr deserve the hype?

Is it the popularity and fear of missing out that grasps the attention of consumers all around the world? Or it is actually worth the hype? Here are some things reviewers loved about the cup:

  • The “boatload” of water it holds!
  • Lift shifts for Lefties and Righties.
  • The shape allows it to fit in cup holder.
  • The Quencher is dishwasher safe.
  • Color options for everyone
  • Keeps water cold for hours and warm drinks stay warm!

Here are what reviewers did NOT like:

  • Lid is not 100% leak proof
  • Not very travel friendly; not so portable
  • Ice melts after a while.
  • Scratches pretty easily

After weighing the pros and cons… is this the cup for you?